Host your customized directory on LookItUp

Directories can be created with custom fields using the LookItUp Form Designer and Administer directory contents easily from the Web Portal or the LookItUp Mobile App itself

App Features

LookItUp enables creation of personalized directories for easy access from a mobile app

Universal Usage

Use LookItUp Directories as a mini CRM, ready reckoner, cheat sheets & product cataloguing

Access Controlled

Certain directories are accessible to all and certain others by user identification

Updated Directories

Keep the directories updated by adding/deleting/modifying entries

Why LookItUp

Create, host directories which is accessible from a mobile app.

Users access indexed content which can be easily searched, filtered, sorted on a mobile app.

1. Create Account

Sign up with your email address and get started.

2. Create Directory

Design the form and create your directory

3. Administer Content

Upload from an Excel or administer one-by-one


Frequently Asked Questions

Sign Up on portal to create your custom directory. New field values can be additonally added from the admins phone

The drag and drop form designer on allows users to create custom fields

While creating the directory, user has the option to choose if it needs to be open or restricted

Yes, once a directory is created on the web portal, it will immediately reflect on the mobile app when you search for it by the directory name

A single admin has access to a directory at a time. However, it is possible to transfer administrative privileges to another user if needed

Yes, the geo-tag feature allows to tag a location to a field value

Create your own directory or Contribute to keeping the directories updated

LookItUp is now available to download from both the App Store and Google Play Store.